my interests:

y2k nostalgia, web 1.0, scenemo fashion, fashion history, html coding, rainbows, retro tech and more! check out my fanlistings page for more detail!

about the site:
i originally started this site as form to store my graphics, but now serves as my little personalized corner of the web! i love being able to have such customization and control over my own personal space, so keep in mind i will add whatever i myself wish here :)

welcome to my about page! here you will find information pertaining to your webmaster and this site.

music music:
pretty much no modern music; i like alternative rock bands including paramore, mcr, greenday, evanescence, etc... check out my music page!
tv tv & movies:
i don't really watch any modern stuff. the shows i like are all from the late 00's to early 10's, like breaking bad or better call saul. check out my tv show(s) shrine!
literature literature:
my main genre is classic literature.
food food:
japanese and korean food
web badges:
hk ravenclaw books geek musiclover hellokitty web1


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