Blinking My Melody

13/7/22 7:42 am - reflection on the state of late 2000s - early 2010s fandom culture

category: entertainment | mood: morbidly curious
its like being at a zoo, watching the animals do whatever shit they do... i find it fascinating how invested people can be in a fictional character/tv show/franchise... and how far some people will go for their arbitrary shippings and characters! scrolling through old glee tumblr is truly a trip, especially those klaine shippers. currectly watching a twilight fandom video essay and just finshed going down a sherlock fandom rabbithole. now when i first came across the show (soley by chance) i remembered saying to my friend how despite having never interacted with the sherlock fandom before, i already knew they were gonna be crazy. then she mentioned "johnlock" which i just discovered there was a whole fandom conspiracy for. one very common theme in these fandoms is grown ASS adults with jobs harrasing actors, writers, and devoting their lives into fighting whatever shipping war is taking place. i don't hate them for it, rather i find it very intriging and even entertaining. i honestly cannot name a fandom that comes close to what i just described.

10/6/22 11:51 am - updatez to the blog

category: entertainment
i have made some changes to the blog layout and created/renamed new categories. however i still have to design buttons for them and link the frames to the main page so bear with me here.
on the other hand.... i have begun reading a new book, its about Sherlock Holmes. Not a novel, but rather a compilation of stories. Last week during dragon boat festival when I had guests around, the tv show just happened to be playing. i binged that in 3 days. will rewatch it after i finished reading the book...