Blinking My Melody

5/8/22 7:32 pm - super fun day today

category: experiences | mood: happy
took a boat out to the sea today with a bunch of friends and had a terrific time. we mostly hung out on the inflatables and went wave riding on a banana boat dragged by another speed boat. it was superfun swimming out in the rain.

18/7/22 4:55pm - went to the beach yesterday

category: experiences | mood: decent
went to the beach with my family and another, just like we did last year. wasn't as nice though, but still i had fun.

7/7/22 4:20 pm - disneyland trip was fun

category: experiences | mood: eh
went to disneyland yesterday. it was super humid but i for sure had a nicer time than the ocean park trip. went on tons of rides and ate lots of snacks. i definitely prefer disney to oceanpark!

1/7/22 5:47 pm - happy july

category: products

went to ocean park yesterday! the rides and exhibits were nice, but bad food...

exactly last week i bought an ipad air 5 purple color! i bought some a new case, some pencil nibs and a matte screen protector. really satisfied with it. hope to put it to good use next term.

12/5/22 10:32 am - warning: DO NOT TAKE IBMYP OR PYP!!!!

category: study | mood: regret
to students and parents: DO NOT ENROLL YOUR CHILD IN THE IB MYP OR PYP PROGRAMME! ESPECIALLY IF YOU LIVE IN HONG KONG! biggest waste of money and time in my life. the amount of school fees i had to pay and to this day i still don't know basic maths. if you must take ib, then just do any other curriculum for primary and secondary and don't join ib until late myp.... i literally cannot wait for dp even though its hard as shit. at least i get an actual syllabus and proper materials to study off of. So much useless service they make you do just to fucking graduate.

21/3/22 9:19am - nostalgic snacks

category: childhood & experiences here are some of the snacks i used to consume pre pandemic times:

steamed rice rolls with or without filling in the middle. back when the school canteen was open, i would buy these very often. the sauce was heavenly 9/10

seaweed animal crackers in fun shapes. 6/10

wan wan biscuits came in various assortments of flavours and shapes. my favorite were the snow biscuits 8/10 for the snow ones and the classics, 7/10 for the cheese ones and 4/10 for the seaweed flavour.

gem biscuits??? i don't really know what to call these but i started eating them all the way back in kindergarden. 8/10

sausages with corn/spice 9/10 my grandmother would bring the mini ones (couldn't find any photos) whenever she would visit. they aren't avaliable here... 7/10

for some reason i call(ed) this "mamamee". you will find these in literally every 7/11 here. i think its meant to be boiled but no one actually eats it like that... the most commonly accepted method is to crush the (dry) nooddles in the packet, sprinkle the powder, shake it up, and then enjoy. then we have some other similar noodle snack products which are also great if ur looking for a smaller portion.8/10

ribena candy is addicting, my school vending machine used to sell them and i would share them with my friends. reminds me of memories like shopping at supermarket malls during the summer day. 6.8/10

8/3/22 2:50pm - the games of my childhood

category: childhood & experiences | mood: nostalgic
i used to be a casual gamer when i was younger, but stopped around the pandemic. i'm planning on revisiting again one of these summers - whenever i have the time to again.

i was introduced to this game when i was younger via one of my friends. i still remember it clearly - i was at her house where she introduced the game to me. i became quickly obsessed and played it constantly the following days. some of my other friends have accounts too - but now virually no one on my "buddy" list has been active.

Released in 2010, AJ is an online playground game where players can create animal characters, decorate their "den", go on adventures, play minigames, and interact with other players. I had a grand time on it but the membership fee (literally 70% of the experience could only be unlocked by purchasing membership) was too expensive.


a multiplayer strategy similar to werewolf/mafia. there are two factions - the "bad guys" (mafia/coven) and the "good guys" (the town). both of their goals is to win, the town by surviving and lynching all the enemies, and the neutral killing/mafia/coven by killing everyone. players are forced to lie, interrogate and investigate via their "roles" and abilities assigned to them.

super fun, but quite difficult to get good at. you have to pay to make an account now, but back when i was first introduced (by the same friend btw) it was free, so my account is grandfathered.


you all already know what this is, so im not gonna bother explaining. i forgot exactly when i started, but i still remember one of my first worlds - its probably still around... i quit playing around the cave update (shame...) which was more that enough time for me to explore skyblock, luckyblock, survival, and the hypixel servers. gosh, the fond memories i have playing on aternos servers with friends with my 1 fps from the shader packs (pretty, they made the game so slow).

i was never a fan of the new mcyt, but i was on quackity's server right before i stopped. man i put so much world into my base and it got destroyed when i didn't log on for 2 weeks..... rip all my pets. i still remember a ravine town i spent weeks building. it was turning out amazing until.... my world got corrupted and everything was lost. the only photo i had of it is probably gone too :( i remember being obsessed with popularmmos, gamingwithjen, thediamondminecart, hermit kingdom, and someother minecraft roleplay yters. when pat and jen broke up that signaled the end of my childhood.

SIMS 4 -

wow the amount of money i put into this game.... so many game/extension packs. before i quit playing, i had just downloaded the university ep but never got around to playing it. the graphics look amazing, but the gameplay from the previous sims games looks much better. my sims journey started when i was very young on my iphone 4/ipad playing the sims freeplay, i once also downloaded the sims 3 mobile game but i have no idea where that went. i dedicated many hours to perfectly curating my sims looks, downloading cc off of tumblr, and decorating the inside of their apartments.


this is a more recent game, and i probably would still be playing it if i hadn't gotten BANNED (long story short, when dream got doxxed, i shared some of the information that had been leaked online, which was my bad so i got banned permanently and they won't except my appeal). its essentially a dressup doll game that allows you to purchase clothing via the in game currency and interact with other players in chatrooms and forums.

the dressup part is amazing, god i miss the making those rainbow outfits, making magazines and decorating my profile so much. but the moderation sucks ASS... god the amount of scandals involving the shitty mod team are endless. one time one of the admins said something contreversial, and they ended up BANNING everyone who spoke out against them - you could get banned for posting a meme or some kpop lyrics because thats what they'd consider "harrasment". its a great game itself, but if you are going to join, i highly reccoment you STAY away from the forums and any sort of communication for your sake.


a multiplayer game, where you attempt to "eat" other players and grow the biggest. this and made me rage. not really much to say..