Blinking My Melody

13/8/22 1:29 pm - summer good so far.

category: personal | mood: satisfied
apart from a small depressive episode at the beginning, this summer has been decent. i managed to cure my ennui and found satisfaction in my literary and other pursuits. i only have just above 2 weeks before returning to school. i also got my braces removed and my teeth are finally free.

24/6/22 1:05 pm - i can't really describe my feelings, but its sad...

category: personal | mood: personal
Here’s how my last day went: boring maths blah, then this stupid “party” where the entire year 10 crowded into the 2nd floor hub. I played uno, that was fun. Then we had final assembly merged with his talent show thing. I can’t tell who was worse… but I will say a particular house was very good and another very bad. Guess which one one? The bad one, as usual. I’m so done. This years summer is going to be the longest ever- 2 whole months!!! That probably doesn’t sound a lot to Americans who get off in may and start in September, but pretty good for me. Except that the upcoming year 12s and 13s apparently have to start early… I got a little bit emotional as I walked out and into the mtr. I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but I think year 10 has been the best and the fastest year I’ve ever experienced. not to get cheesy, but I finally discovered my real passions and interests, and found true self. Next year I hope to stop caring what people think of me completely. Anyways, I felt as if I was starting a new chapter in my life - in a way I was terrified of the future, but also did not want to go back at all. I’m eating at Shatin and holy crap this mall is INFESTED with kids from my school and especially from my year…. Hope that I can buy an iPad today <3

25/5/22 12:29 pm - finally found time to code

category: personal | mood: bitter ok i must confess. throughout these past months i have realised that i am truly a loner. no one in my class talks to me, my friends ditch me for some skinny pasty twink and only ignore me. i pride myself on seeing through hypocrisy very easily, and i would myself be a hypocrite if i said i'm not very unhappy. being on my own now sounds much more pleasant than "hanging out" and being depressed. i'm not very talkative, but these people take it as me being completely mute.

5/5/22 10:04 pm - super busy

category: personal | mood: stressed
(side note, the time for this entry and the last have an exact 12 hour difference! :o)
exams are coming up, and since we don't have midterms i have to study the entire year syllabus from august to now... ugh. doesn't help that my school doesn't even give us any sort of revision checklist, syllabus, or anything to guide us. wow how hard is it? anyways enough whining. i've barely had time to work on my website but i promise this summer a lot of new changes will be coming!

28/4/22 10:04 am - so hot!!!

category: personal | mood: annoyed
it has been BOILING these days - i hear a new typhoon is coming along. it seems that every summer for pe the school forces us to play on the football field, always during the hottest day and time of the year. yesterdays heat was literally a health hazard. to put wound on the salt, they make us swim when it is actually freezing during the winter... ugh i have to go out to the field this afternoon.

15/4/22 10:23pm - wtf?

categroy: personal | mood: shocked
today at dinner my mom told me that my brother, who has been living under the same roof as our family, tested positive for covid-19 a couple weeks ago. i don't know when exactly, but it was supposedly before we went to dinner at a friends. according to her, it was a "faint" positive therefore there was "not enough" covid for transmission. also at the same time she suggested maybe i had also caught it and not noticed.

5/4/22 - biking + what i've been doing so far

category: personal | mood: painful

i went biking to tolo harbour and on the way, had lunch at a seaside resturant (poutine and pineapple fried rice). god my head really hurts so im going to go to bed early today.
last weekend was spent having dinner at a friends house, then going shopping the next day at an outlet - got some clothes.

1/4/22 1:54pm - april fools, easter holidays begin

category: personal

today was the last day of school before holidays - in 20 days (surprisingly a very long holiday) we will return back to face to face school.

23/3/22 12:23pm - rain rain, go away

category: personal | mood: frustrated

it has been cloudy for days and days now. today has been raining non stop. hoping that the sun will come out so i can take my squishy photos for the collections page. its official, we are going back to school this april. everyone seems to be extremely pumped but i sure am not, especially with all these cases and the all around disgusting hygiene of the school.

7/3/22 11:50am - this is great!

category: personal | mood: achy
i woke up with a horrible headache, so I decided i couldn't join my zoom classes and decided to go absent. just great, the only day where i am actually sick is the day where my math teacher finally teaches something i don't know, the day my ins teacher has important information about the summitive to introduce, and the day where i have my ONLY lesson to work on my art painting. i don't really have much of a choice so i guess i'll just join the art lesson later on.