St udy Blog

this is a blog to help me keep track of my studying, hobbies and habits to become more productive!

13/1/23 | 4/5 -
school started. i made good effort this week, but my alarm keeps failing to ring which set me back on my work by a lot.

6/1/23 | 1/5 -
i've barely been working this past week except for practicing violin because i finished most of the primary tasks. spent most of my time online or making kandi (which i made A LOT)

31/22/22 | 3/5 -
had other activities so i could barely do work, also kept procastinating with my kandi projects.

29/12/22 | 4/5 -
even though i had violin i still completed medium-levels of school work + kandi/art/coding too.

28/12/22 | 5/5 -
got tons done today!

27/12/22 | 3.5/5 -
didn't have time to do as much as i wanted because i had to go out. no chance or kandi or art. got to perform a water change and code plenty though.

26/12/22 | 3/5 -
ugh spent way too much time on twitter, that god forsaken app. at least i managed to get today's share of school work completed, but did not get to draw or spend time on my other hobbies and most importantly ran out of time to change the aquarium water.

24/12/22 christmas eve | 4/5 -
managed to get an above average amount of work done, worked on kandi, coding and art while also had a fufilling christmas dinner. good day.

23/12/22 | 3.5/5 -
started off ok. got a bit distracted with twitter towards the end. worked on design + pp and for the most part did not go off task. as for non schoolwork, managed to finish making and packing some xmas presents.