Blinking My Melody

23/6/22 8:59 am - second last day of school

category: study & school | mood:bittersweet
you can tell im very excited to be leaving year 10. they had to remind us again at assembly about the year 11's going to dp, which just made me plain depressed and a tiny bit envious, or maybe not... one last year of this bs and its over. this year has been the fastest ever, i still remember the last days of school in year 9 and the summer before year 10 super distinctly. sometimes i just have to stand still and take in how quickly time is flashing by me. hopefully year 11 will be just as fast.

21/6/22 1:24 pm - last lesson of english, science and english of the year!

category: study & school | mood: even more relieved

7/6/22 11:48 am - sat my last exam

category: study | mood: relieved, but with a looming sense of nervousness
i just sat my final two tests, the chinese was easy but the science exam was the hardest of this season. whatever. i still have a damn maths test after the report cards release... seriously what is the point of it??? to further enduce suffering?

6/6/22 1:18 pm - today there was a rainstorm

category: n/a | mood: annoyed (again)
it started rainging out of nowhere but thats not so unusual for hong kong. once the weather started worsening and water began to spray everywhere everyone went batshit. people filmed the rain on their phones like it was some monumental once in a century event. by the way they screamed and cried i could tell they had never touched grass in their entire lives.

2/6/22 12:13 pm - its over for me...

category: study | mood: annoyed
i got a 8 and 5 (1 point away from 6!!!! so frustrating!) in INS and a 7 in english. i dont know how i got a full score (highest in the class) but then a low score in the same exams, i guess im just really bad at "analysing" and doing anything other than writing a short answers. this is the lowest grade i've ever got on this subject. in my defense, I would written much more if it weren't for the tiny boxes. One of the posters i was supposed to analyse had like, 3 cm answer boxes while the poster was brimming with symbolism and shit. i think even my math and science grades were better (hopefully i didn't jinx myself there)! i got a good score in that specific criterion for my other assesments so hopefully my overall grade ends up unharmed.