not that theres anything un-pc in here, but incredibly strong and harsh opinions.

17/6/22 - last week the school had a free dress day and so many people dressed up. we had a anothr one today, but it was about mental health awareness instead. NOBODY (apart from like me and 2 other people) in my class bothered. wow. that tells my EVERYTHING i need to know about these pieces of shit and their attitude towards mental health. hope they all get mental illness and see how it feels like for people to abandon them like they did to me!!
later..... wow i am already beginning to hate this "personal project". just found out i have to finish researching my ENTIRE thing in a month right before year 11 even starts. so much for the "no summer homework" policy this school loves to brag about. i never thought i'd have to do this until year 12. fucking bullshit. 9/6/22 - since A and M were not at school today, I finally got to talk to F1 like we used to normally do. she said she was worried about being in the other half of y11 next year, and i said i was probably going to be a 3rd wheel next year. then she asked why, and i told her about F3 and F2 only talking to eachother, which lets be honest here, is exactly what is going to happen. She responded "no, dont be worried, F3 always tries to include you in conversations." if only that was true haha. she'll probably make new friends next year. ig good for her, but im still quite unsure about myself.
later... today before PE i saw a very concerning sight. i was the only girl in a room full of other classmates and they were doing the hitler salute, shouting "sieg heil" multiple times as they saluted multiple times. i dont think they were ironic. its really concerning how this generation is being so politically brainwashed at every corner.
1/6/22 - ok i am going to lay off F1 a bit, i kind of feel bad for her actually, i think something is going on in her personal life. i told F2 about everything and we both agreed that if it continues on like this, there will be inevitable drama. its so frustrating seeing everyone be fake happy towards each other while i watch, knowing full well all the vile things they say behind eachothers backs.
31/5/22 - setting this up as an emergency because i have to vent
My "friend" group has proved to be just as disapointing as the last. One of my friends (F3) I just talked about couple days ago on this website (the one who back-talked about my other friends (f1 and 2 let us call them)) has turned out be be full on BITCHING to another one of out friends (f5) who goes to a different school. What the fuck???? keep in mind this was when F1 and 2 hadn't done ANYTHING to her. I wanted to defend F1, but I overheard her talking about me F3 and F2 probably not in a good manner, so yikes. shes going through a tough time and i want to give her the benefit of the doubt but apparently (according to F3), F1 also gossips about her other friend (A) to F3. yeah both of them sound like massive snakes, and this pains me to say because i don't agree with any of them either. Oh yeah, and that annoying ass twink (sorry to actual twinks i'll start calling him M from now) I was talking about? That son of a dog bitches about everyone to everyone. hes fake piece of shit arse openly despises me and secretly (though it isn't really a secret anymore) hates ALL of his "friends" (including F3 and F1 whom he apparently had a crush on but still called her “weird”).... do you get what i'm saying? the poisonous people that surrond my daily life are so prevalent i seriously cannot trust anyone. its insane. And somehow people still LOVE M knowing full well he calls them annoying behind their backs, its sick!! i know it sounds annoying and fake myself to be saying this, but keep in mind that i held my tongue and refused to say anything even remotely negative about them while they were giving me the cold shoulder and ignoring me for A and M, whom i know FOR A FACT they dont even like. they treat me like a damn doormat - i only exist whenever there nobody else to talk to. i'm not kidding you, they'd ignore me for these people they apparently "hated" and then proceed to bitch about them to me after pretendeding that i didn't exist for 2 hours straight...
I hope F2 isn’t as bad, she’s pretty nice and is the only one who hasn't said anything nasty but you never know. I have been taking screenshots of every disgusting thing they've said about eachother and i plan to suck up to them and get even more. This cannot be kept to myself. F2 and the people around all deserve to know what a horrible bunch they are..... right now im holding my tongue and hoping nothing explodes. I am not worried about them finding this webpage. what must be said must be said. i will not be linking this "ventroom" to my website anytime soon.