my squishy wishlist:

  1. poli breadbun - pink, blue
  2. sanrio chigiris: keroppi, cinnamorrol, pompompurin, tuxedosam, pochacco, kuromi...
  3. poli sugarbuns

squishy (toy): "A squishy is a type of soft toy made of a specially formulated soft polyurethane foam, that slowly returns to its original shape after being squeezed. Squishies are manufactured into many different shapes and sizes, such as animals, fruits, and food items. They are often scented to match the object represented."--wikipedia

welcome websurfers to my online squishy drawer, where you will find my various squishy pieces, organized by brand. come have a look;

collection pieces vary from common, normal rare, and rare. most of the squishies i own fall into the first 2 categories.

puni maru/creamii candy:





popular boxes: