all sorts of dollz taken from various websites (some of them shutdown/not active): i may have forgotten the original links to some of the dolls, so some are unlinked
Dollz Mania
sayclub1 sayclub2 sayclub3 sayclub4 sayclub5 sayclub6 sayclub7 sayclub8 sayclub9 sayclub10 sayclub11 sayclub12 sayclub12 sayclub13 sayclub14 sayclub15 sayclub16 sayclub17 sayclub18 sayclub19 sayclub20 sayclub21 sayclub22 sayclub23 sayclub24 sayclub25 sayclub26 sayclub27 sayclub28 sayclub29 sayclub30 sayclub31 sayclub32 sayclub33 1sayclub 2sayclub 3sayclub 4sayclub 5sayclub 6sayclub 7sayclub 9sayclub 10sayclub 11sayclub 12sayclub 13sayclub 14sayclub 15sayclub 16sayclub 17sayclub 18sayclub 19sayclub 20sayclub 21sayclub 22sayclub 23sayclub 24sayclub 25sayclub 26sayclub 27sayclub 28sayclub 29sayclub 30sayclub 31sayclub 32sayclub 33sayclub 44sayclub 45sayclub 46sayclub 47sayclub 48sayclub 49sayclub 50sayclub 51saycub 52sayclub 53sayclub 54sayclub 55sayclub 56sayclub 57sayclub 58sayclub 59sayclub 60sayclub 61sayclub 62sayclub 63sayclub 64sayclub 65sayclub 66sayclub 67sayclub 68sayclub 69sayclub 70sayclub 71sayclub 72sayclub 73sayclub 74sayclub 75sayclub 76sayclub 77sayclub 78sayclub 79sayclub 80sayclub 81sayclub 82sayclub 83sayclub 84sayclub 85sayclub 86sayclub 87sayclub
nm1 nm2 nm3 nm4 nm5 nm6 nm7 nm7 nm8 nm9 nm10 nm11 nm12 nm13 nm14 nm15 nm16 nm17 nm18 nm19 nm20 nm21 nm22 nm23 nm24 nm25 nm26 nm27 nm28 nm29 nm30 nm31 nm32 nm33 nm34 nm35 nm36 nm37 nm38 nm39 nm40 nm41 nm42 nm43 nm44 nm45 nm46 nm47 nm48 nm49 nm50 88sayclub 90sayclub
unfortunately the website which i made the candybar dollz from is down, so i have to rely completely on pre-made dollz. does anyone know any other websites with candybar dollmakers?