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this a personal page consisting of my music, graphics, and image archive. none of them are mine unless stated! enjoy your stay


9/7/22 - finished redoing dollz page.
3/7/22 - redid stamps page.
26/6/22 - redid blinkies page.
17/6/22 - offical website revamping started, redesigned the "links" page.
11/6/22 - finished blog revamping, added some new blog sections/categories, new url not found page
26/5/22 - started revamping blog
17/4/22 - revamped "rainbowloom" collection
11/3/22 - updated stamp links, fixed some homepage links.
10/4/22- finished "music"/"ipod" page, changed non found page.
5/1/22 - started "music" page, revamped "ipod" page, discarded "karaoke".
1/4/22 - squishy page finished, glee s6 ratings added, blog updated.
28/3/22 - finished beach, paramore, updated glee ratings.
22/3/22 - begun beach page, added blog entries.
21/3/22 - started paramore shrine, finished glee s3 ratings, updated rainbowloom+ipod+shrines page.
8/3/22 - started working on blog
25/2/22 - added "collections" page and added photos 2 rainbowloom section.
20/2/22 added "buttons" page.
17/2/22 - added links to "links" page + popup windows to glee shrine.
15/2/22 - revamped sidebar and homepage layout.
12/2/22 - changed layout to be more user friendly for all resolutions. added music player + flag counter
11/2/22 - added photos to nostalgiacore+partycore page
7/2/22 - continued developing glee shrine
6/2/22 - changed website display, made the main boxes narrower
5/2/22 - clowncore gallery updated, glee shrine added
3/2/22 - "scenecore" and "clowncore" section added
2/2/22 - "about me" section added
31/1/22 - "blinkies" collection added
27/1/22 - launched "IPod" section
24/1/22 - website launched


will begin website revamping as summer starts. all previous pages will be redone and homepage will have new theme!

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