diaries of a fishkeeper:
greetings everyone to my AQUARIUM page, where i record my fisk keeping journey and experiences for all of you.

tank specs:
type - freshwater shrimp tank
size - 36 gallon (approx) rectangular
filteration - overhead filter + internal filter
substrate - ADA Amazonia *
lighting - yes, unknown watt
water changes - 10-25% biweekly
flora: lightly planted
absolute fishkeeping must-haves:
  • water conditioner
  • ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, ph test kits
  • net
  • filter (!)
  • siphon & bucket
  • heater (depending on ur area)
  • current tank inhabitants: 5 amano shrimp, 20+ red cherry shrimp
    my current tank the first month i set it up

    i only have a couple shitty pics of this old 10g set up. i pratically begged on my knees to get it upgraded because i was afraid overstocking. i really regret throwing away the plants when i moved T-T

    my very first proper tank, it was a meager 3.5 gallons with a built in overhead filters. my poor fish got so stressed and got ich. i must say, the aquascaping is pretty damn cute. i would love to redo this tank, but it started leaking while i was using it as a quarantine tank.

    from left to right: hikari micro wafers, bottom fish pellets, hikari algae pellets + frozen bloodworms
    the equiptment cabinet:

    contents: seachem stability, seachem equilibrium, water conditioner, liquid co2, plant ferts, seachem matrix, aquarium salt, fluke medicine, ich medicine, baking soda, air pump, algae remover.
    i have spent at least 1000dollars on supplies and medicine for my fish, most of which didn't even work. enter this hobby with caution!!