a very solid season, the writing is probably the best here and without the influence of money or views. simply put, glee in its purest form. might i complain that, if you're a fan of any of the side characters (basically anyone buy finn or rachel), you probably won't enjoy this on as much. i admit i felt impatient at times and was quite eager for season 2 due to my lack of interest in any of the featured main characters.
top 5 episodes:
1. "Preggers" 1x04; my absolute favorite out of the entire season - it was refreshing having the spotlight focused on other characters for once. quinn gets a whole other layer added to her story, kurt comes out to his dad and gets accepted, and tina (sort of) gets a solo. Apart from "Single Ladies" (which they just danced to) and "Tonight" (much better than the s3 one, but it wasn't even released), its worth noting there was only 1 official song here - sung by rachel. nothing much about it, but the fact that this is the only full song is a huge contrast to glee later on. whereas the later episodes barely even have a couple of lines between songs.... this gives a lot more time to actually develop & get invested in the characters.
2. "Pilot" 1x01; a great first episode which lays down all the fundemental character dynamics and plotlines to come. also includes the most iconic glee cover.
3. "Vitamin D" 1x05; one of the most iconic s1 episodes, memorable moments and the songs are good.
4."Theatricality" 1x13; i was surprised about this one being so high, because of how uncomfortable the finn and kurt scene is. but the ending is really nice and the songs are bops. "pokerface" sucks though. 5."Mattress" 1x12; i found the storyline to be quite different but enjoyable from usual glee, still emphasising the mckingley vs glee club divide.
bottom 5 episodes:
note: none of these episodes are actually bad at all, especially compared to other seasons. i just didnt really like them as much.
5."The Power of Madonna" 1x15; kinda underwhelming for an episode about MADONNA. music is decent at least.
4."Funk" 1x21;This entire episode was just about the new directions vs vocal adrenaline beef, which isn't a bad concept at all just not something i was very invested in.
3."Hairography" 1x11;nothing much to say, the episode was just not that outstanding.
2."Home" 1x16;i liked the ED storyline, but not the way barole got together (but didn't really matter in the end did it?) also the entire april rhodes auditorium was boring af.
1. "The Rhodes Not Taken" 1x05; i really don't care about the entire character of april rhodes (sorry), so having an entire episode dedicated to her bored tf out of me. theres not much lost from skipping this one, if it weren't for the NDs first public performance taking place during this episode.