my favorite season imo, its a PERFECT balance between season 1 and 3 <3. most memorable songs, storylines and relationships. there are A LOT of songs here, a large jump from the previous season. whether it is a good or bad thing depends on your music preferences. they do a bit more modern (well at least what was modern back in 2010) here.
my top 5 episodes:
1.Special Education 2x09; i was shocked to find that some do not like this.... huh. first off, the music is GREAT and i love that emma finally called out will on his extremely repetitive pattern of only letting rachel ft. finn shine. sam and quinn get a duet? great! santana gets a solo while mike and brittany get to show off their sweet moves? finally.... the warblers song was also good and "hey soul sister" is great and overhated. also apart from the killer sectionals performances (one of the best in the show tbh), the storylines were also the more memorable of the show - puck tries to recruit lauren zizes, artie accuses brittany of cheating on him with mike chang, kurt auditions for a warbler solo, and rachel gets mad at finn for sleeping w/ santana (even tho they weren't even dating at that time?).
2. Never Been Kissed 2x06; this episode signalizes the begining of the kurt being bullied by karofsky story line and the very first time we ever hear the warblers sing with their iconic rendition of "teenage dream" (better than the og sorry katy). other than that, the girls vs boys mash-ups were both catchy, and the coach bieste "cool down" story line was funny but also kinda sad... i did like seeing puck and artie's friendship tho. though at this point the entire fuinn storyline was getting exhausting (poor sam)- they should have just left fuinn in season 1.
3. Silly Love Songs 2x12; somehow this episode manages to unironically make valentines day look cute and wholesome. i enjoyed seeing the puck and kurt's respective crushes on different people develop and the songs are certified bops!! "P.Y.T" , "when i get you alone", and "silly love songs" are my personal favorites and the rest wasn't bad either.
4. Original Song 2x16; a fan favorite, and i can't blame them. starts off great with "Misery" performed by the warblers - a truly underrated song which is one of my favorites. then poor pavarotti dies, which prompts kurt to sing "blackbird" (he ate!!) where blaine becomes smitten with him (couldn't he have fell in love during "silly love songs" instead? it feel weird falling in love w/ someone while they are in visible emotional distress, but whatever) then the iconic first kiss and then rachel sings some original songs which suck... sorry. the music here is overall swing swing - on one hand, "Raise Your Glass" and the other warbler songs were great, but the New Direction's regional performances were not it. this is a massively unpopular opinion, i know - but i just can't bring myself to watch their performance fully... the warblers should have won SORRY! Again, more of fuinn which i was not a fan of.. quinn was confusing af here, i still to this day don't get her rant to rachel???
5. Duets 2x04; i was originally going to put "the sue sylvester shuffle" in here instead but chose duets because of its better music. the music here is amazing and probably one of the best episode of glee (in terms of music)
bottom 5 episodes:
5. Grilled Cheesus 2x03; ok poor kurt..... first his dad is in the hospital maybe about to die, then his classmates instead decide to berate him for his own beliefs (of which they seem to be more concerned about than his dads condition) and he is the villian here? what.... then we have finn praying to a grilled cheese sandwhich to touch rachels boobs and he doesn't even think once about praying for burt. but the episode is iconic, so...
4. Sexy 2x15;; holly holiday is annoying, and frankly most of the guest star characters on here are too. they are focused more on fitting as many songs for the dough instead of actually developing a likable, well-thought out arc for them. holly holiday is just like "you all must have sex or else ur weird" and emma here has beliefs equivalent to the duggars. glee is so bad at writing teenage character dynamics every teenage issue they cover (like sex) is unbelievable cringe and a huge misrepresentation of real life, but its glee and their reality is literally in a different dimension. that foreshadowing child p* line.... ugh... and this is where fuinn + wemma (insuffurable ships imo) start appearing again. the only good thing was the brittana storyline which was at least handled ok. we then have blaine going up to burt (whom he JUST MET) and telling him he needs to give his son "the talk" because hes too ignorant on sexual matters. first off it is WEIRD AS FUCK to bring that topic up to a FRIENDS dad whom you just met... at this point he and kurt had only friends for a shortwhile. if they knew each other for longer, than his concern would be coming from a place of caring but over here its just incredibly boundry breaking. and remember all of this was potrayed as 100% completely normal and a-okay... you see what i mean?? at least the songs are good lol
3. The Subsitute 2x07; tolerable but again same as b4, the characters and storylines here didn't interest me at all. at least "sexy" was fun to watch. the entire mercedes vs sue thing okay and i have blocked the will and terri hookup out of my mind. was this supposed to be a singing in the rain tribute??? the only song i liked was "make 'em laugh" bro that singing in the rain song (modernized) ruined it all... that was interestinly the first glee song ive ever listened too (i think). searched it up on yt and at that time i had no idea who the characters were. didn't like it then and still not now.
2. Blame It On the Alcohol 2x14; this is going to be contreversial, but this was an.... interesting episode. let me just day it made me embarrased, repulsed, enraged, amused, bored, and weirded out all in the span of 40 minutes. the rachel-blaine-kurt love triangle is probably the worst part here, their kiss makes me want to throw my laptop away. i don't even like klaine (season 2 is the only time they r good) but watching rachel try and snatch blaine from kurt and dangle it in his face makes me actually glad that klaine ended up together. let me tell you that is a HUGE feat for me. its just that blainchel is so disgusting and honestly i would be 100% happier if both of them were written out after 1-2 seasons.... so combining those 2 is like combining.... idk what metaphor to come up with thats how much i hate blainchel. speaking of rachel, she is THE WORST HERE by far. knowing full well how kurt was in love with blaine and didn't give a fuck about his feelings ("who care about you buddy i might get a boyfriend out of this!") yuck. kurt had every right to be mad at her tbh, fax are fax. just not at blaine, whom he got super mad when blaine announced he was "experimenting". kurt/ryan murphy responded with something among the lines of "NO MAN OF MINE IS BISEXUAL" again i can't believe i am saying this but i felt bad for blaine here thats how insane this episode was. like the only good thing that comes out of this horrid love triangle is his "i would say bi, but i wouldnt want to upset you" line. blainchel brought the worse out of everybody, thank goodness its over. everyone was super annoying here, but i will say i enjoy seeing will schuester being humiliated in front of mickinley and the them performing "tiktok" by kdollarsignha was funny.
1. Night of Neglect 2x17; i think most people would agree with this. the academic decathalon just comes out of nowhere and is never mentioned again. this episode just wasn't good... and they cut off tina's solo!!