this is when cracks start to really show and the show's isues really become exposed here. i think the music here is still good, and some episodes towards the 2nd half are good, but at this point this is the LAST season i would recommend new viewers to watch. the rest ARENT WORTH IT!!
my top 5 episodes:
1.Goodbye 3x22; Best finale in the entirety of glee and the best i've ever seen! this is where the show should have ended... god it was so heartwarming to see this group progress from season 1 to graduation. for the first time, we see the glee club become finally accepted at mickinley and its heartwarming. if it had ended here, most of the students
2. Nationals 3x21; Even though i hold the view that the new directions! were worse than the other groups, it was still heartwarming to see them perform for the last time and win. this is the last competition where their songs are actually decent so...
3. Heart 3x13; i love this very sweet valentines day episode. the storylines and music were great.
4. Prom-asaurus 3x19; ok i just need an episode to put on here and i felt that this one was more cohesive and frankly i dont know why people hate it there are way worse in this season.
5. Michael 3x04; songs are good! except for that one in the beginning which was just disrespectful to michel jackson.
bottom 5 episodes:
5. Asian F 3x03; um like BIOTA and a ton of other episodes listed, this one made me irrationally pissed because of the favoritism really starting to leak here. like the writers were fully aware of their bias and didn't give a shit. when rachel and mercedes audition for maria in west side story, rachel herself admits that the latter was better than her. yes, rachel berry, "im the most talented star" admitted herself she did worse that mercedes. but despite that the directors decide they want to double cast. first off let me make something very clear: IF rachel had actually done better, they would have given the part just to her, no hesitation. they can't even give mercedes the damn part because everyone is up her ass, she can't even admit she was better that mercedes herself. wow.... then we have the entire tonygate which is just the icing on the cake concerning the show making their bias towards some characters (and to an extent, actors) extremely evident. they made it damn clear that they saw rachel and blaine as the superior and more deserving characters. despite anderson literally just stealing a spot from hummel, kurt gives blaine a bunch of flowers and accepts his defeat, knowing he will never play tony because he is to femminine. now i could go into alot about how this might be one of the worst blaine moments, but i'll spare you :). we finally get to hear mike chang sing probably the only good west side story song they covered and will shouts at mercedes for "not trying her best" hahahahaha what? its the fact they show tried to potray her as lazy and an incompetant dancer when that was not it at all. at least we have the one (and only) mike chang storyline, albiet so stereotypical it hurts and a race for class presidency between brittany and kurt. yeah that is A LOT for 1 episode, geez - and did i forget will inviting emma's racist parents for dinner?
4. The First Time 3x05;; this episode is the unsexiest thing i have ever seen and so are the numerous amount of s/xual ass/ult and p/dophile jokes in this damn show. first of all west side story is probably the worst musical they have ever done due the favouritism and there is like only ONE role that is properly cast here (santana as anita). artie is a horrible director and unironically tells his actors, rachet and blaine that since they are virgins their acting as maria and tony cannot be not as good because..... they are supposed to be portraying "those who have gone through a sexual awakening" BITCH WHAT??? do you hear yourself?? hes essentially saying.... loose ur virginity or you'll be a bad actor and these dumb mfs actually bought that shit. in what fucking world does breaking your hymen or sticking your d/ck into a hole automatically improve upon your acting skills? further proof that both of them shouldn't have gotten into NYADA as they rely on extremely superficial things like appearance/virginty to become a better actor. if you were actually a good actor you would have no issue portraying a character, no matter how different you look or whether you're a virgin or not. just embarrassing and even more so how they believed this...... like i can understand rachel buying it with her extreme ambition and all, but blaine?? i thought he was smarter than that. then you realise artie is the one responsible for bringing bieste and cooter together.... therefore inadvertently causing their ab/sive relationship (of course the main blame lies on the actual fucking ab/ser). then that loathsome ratbastian makes his appearance when blaine visits the warblers and knowing that ratbastian clearly wants to do him, gives him his number anyway. #boyfriend100. they go to a gay bar using a fake id where blaine and sebastian spend the rest of the night dancing while kurt third wheels. don't even get me started on what happens next its disgusting how some fans refuse to acknowlege this shit but... blaine literally attempts to sexually ass/ult kurt and h/arrasses him while he is drunk (NOT AN EXCUSE) and when kurt says NO, he is the one that apologies.. wow great job glee setting a great example to any potential victims out there. you know its a huge red flag when your episode called "the first time" involves attempted s/xual ass/ult. then rachel, being rachel, basically uses finn to help her acting and finn understandably, gets pissed about being USED. at least the klaine storyline was somewhat more natural. "true soulmates" my fucking ass. i thank the lord daily that they did not have any sex scenes on glee because watching these hot messes alone are bad enough... imagine... oh god.
3. Props 3x20; same issue with the previous episode - they basically had tina stand up to rachel and will, and for a brief second there i thought they were finally going to do something about these really unfair character dynamics... but no they shoved tina back into the box and made her an asskissed. then they had mike gaslight tina which is so occ, why tf would mike change, most neglected glee club member of all time defend rachel (who mind you has never spoken a single word to him - i'm not joking they literally never have) over his girlfriend??? lets not neglect rachel harrassing and stalking carmen tibedeoux and somehow she got into that school over kurt.... eyeroll.
2. Mash Off 3x06; this troubletones vs new directions drama has always boiled my nerves, given how shitty the TT's were treated and the amount of potential they had in their storyline which as just WASTED.
1. I Kissed A Girl 3x07; i will not elaborate.