there is no way to describe how bad seasons 4-5 of glee are. its as if the all the writers were on LSD and just wordvomitted out every possible plot that came to mind. seriously the only thing that links these storylines together are the songs that they stuff in every 5 minutes. season 4 in particular felt like a fever dream - well given that i binged watched half of this season suffering from the side affects of my 3rd vaccine dose so maybe it was....
my top episodes:

ok there is literally not enough "good" episodes so i just chose the ones i didn;t hate. no ranking because i don't feel comfortable calling these episodes "the best" even tho they're a lot more enjoyable than the rest. The Break Up 4x04;
Guilty Pleasures 4x17;
Glease 4x6;
I Do 4x14;
bottom 5 episodes:
Shooting Star 4x18;
The New Rachel 4x01;
Lights Out 4x20;
Britney 2.0 4x02;